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Frequest asked questions

When can I use my voucher(s)?
Directly after you have made your voucher purchase. Make sure to contact the corresponding company to check whether you need to make a reservation first.
I can't find my favorite companies, can I invite them for this platform?
Please do, all cultural institutions and horeca and recreational businesses are welcome at! See the invite form above here on the home page to send them an e-mail invite so you can also profit from their offers.
Will I get a digital or a paper voucher?
You'll get a digital voucher. As soon as you make a voucher purchase, it will automatically be generated with a unique QR code. Subsequently, you can save and/or print your voucher so you can present it at the corresponding company. The company uses an application that they can scan both digital and printed vouchers with.
Can I use my voucher more than once?
Yes, as long as there's money left on your voucher, you can use it again. So, if you purchased a voucher for €100 and only use €50 the first time, then you can still use it to spend the remaining €50 with the corresponding company.
What happens if a company that I have a voucher for goes bankrupt?
At the moment this is still at your own risk. We're working hard to find partners/sponsors who can offer a buffer to fund compensations and/or reimbursements.
Can I sponsor the Localvoucher platform?
We'd love that! Please reach out to us so we can discuss the way in which you'd like to sponsor the platform.
Are there extra costs for buying a voucher?
Since companies offer exclusive discount vouchers on we don't charge any costs for the companies themselves. In order to cover the support and maintenance costs of the platform, customers are charged a symbolic amount on top of the voucher price.